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[audio]Just Right #101 - Robert Metz
GUEST: Charles Stumpf, Businessman, Owner: Springbank Garden Center Political Pests - Politicians And Environmentalists Pesticide BAN - Misconceptions And Myths Earth Day - Celebrating The Economic Downturn Green = Red Tape For Business + Red Propaganda For The Public Interest Where's The Science? Ignoring The Evidence To Implement The 'Precautionary Principle' Drooling About Socialism - Good People Will Ignore Bad Laws
Keywords: Environment; Pesticides; Economy; Socialism; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 10
[audio]Just Right #72 - Robert Metz
Selflessness: A Moral Virtue? Or The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated? History Repeating - Pan Am Games Bid Resurrected A Personal Experience - Beating The Last Pan Am Games Bid Health Care Institutions Put On Their Greenshirts
Keywords: Healthcare; Green; Morality; Virtue
Downloads: 13
[audio]Just Right #77 - Robert Metz
GUEST: Professor Christopher Essex, co-author of Taken By Storm The Science and Politics of Global Warming There Is No Global 'Temperature' Sunlight Is Not Heat Kyoto: Son Of Doctrine - Perception vs Reality
Keywords: Kyoto; Global Warming; Climate Change; Politics; Environment
Downloads: 5
[audio]Just Right #13 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics GUEST: Jim Montag, Great Lakes Guns And Knives: Gun Control And Self Defence
Keywords: Politics; Gun Control; Self Defence
Downloads: 22
[audio]Just Right #75 - Robert Metz
School Boards vs Guns: What Our Kids Are Really Learning Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex Show Regulations Economic Bailouts - A Moral Meltdown Canadian Federal Election: "Laissez-Faire - I Don't Care"
Keywords: Economy; Morality; Guns; School; Education
Downloads: 1
[audio]Just Right #104 - Robert Metz
General Motors And Chrysler - Socialism, Pensions And Government Communists On London City Council - In Denial London's Board Of Control - You Can't Change The Rules After You've Played The Game What About Democracy? City Hall Communists Say: "Take Four Votes Away. That's Democratic." Check You Local Dictionary - There Is No Difference Between Socialism And Communism
Keywords: Socialism; Communism; Democracy; General Motors; Chrysler; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 6
[audio]Just Right #4 - Robert Metz
TV Shows - Quality - Programming Left And Right - A Re-orientation Freedom Politics
Keywords: Politics; Freedom; Television
Downloads: 16
[audio]Just Right #19 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Insane Health Care Legislation How Stupid People Are Wrecking Politics Freedom To Worship Freedom
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Health Care; Capitalism
Downloads: 22
[audio]Just Right #111 - Robert Metz
GUEST: Robert Vaughan, Former Trustee, London Board Of Education and Thames Valley Regional Board Public Education: A Democratic Cornerstone? Or An Impediment To Knowledge? The Role Of A Trustee The Meaning Of Education Success For Every Student? Zero Tolerance = Zero Justice
Keywords: Education; Justice; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 4
[audio]Just Right #59 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Drive Through Bans: Green Politics vs Science and Your Car Eco-fascism vs The Car Culture Price Fixing - A Real Gas Bill C-51 and Copyright - A Primer
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Eco-Fascism; Global Warming; Copyright
Downloads: 20
[audio]Just Right #8 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Ontario Election Campaign Is ON G8 Summit - Globalism Health Care: A Sacred Cow? Wealth And Poverty: Socialism And The War On Wealth
Keywords: Economy; Voting; Freedom; Politics; Censorship; School Funding, Socialism, Globalism
Downloads: 33
[audio]Just Right #113 - Robert Metz
mOOns Rising Spacemen Are From Mars - Nobody's From Venus An 'Exo-plosion' In Exoplanets! The Count Is On So Where Is Everybody? Are We Alone In The Universe? Just Right - The Zone Of Life
Keywords: Astronomy; Science; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 6
[audio]Just Right #95 - Robert Metz
Pragmatism: From William James To Star Trek Enterprise Capitalism Under Attack - With Friends Like These... Harper 2.0: Will The Real Stephen Harper Please Stand Up? Conservatism: Then And Now, or, Now And Then Conservative Think Tank: Why Conservative Thinking Is Tanking Pragmatists: The Drunk Drivers Of Philosophy
Keywords: Pragmatism; Conservatism; Capitalism; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 5
[audio]Just Right #27 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Money: The Root Of All Evil? ...And Inflation Rich Richer And Poor Poorer
Keywords: Money; Wealth; Politics; Philosophy; Capitalism; Inflation
Downloads: 7
[audio]Just Right #29 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party SPECIAL: Citizen Marc Goes To Washington: Marc Emery Breaks The Law
Keywords: Marc Emery; Marijuana; Freedom; Politics; Philosophy
Downloads: 16
[audio]Just Right #53 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party How's Your Corner of The Economy? Democratic Oxymoron: Mandatory Voting Not Censorhip. ...But is it Free Speech? School Funding: Public or Private?
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Censorship; School Funding; Capitalism
Downloads: 23
[audio]Just Right #3 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics TV Cancellation: DRIVE Parked Gas Prices: Ignorance And Complaints Global Warming Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth
Keywords: Global Warming; Freedom; Capitalism; Freedom; Television
Downloads: 15
[audio]Just Right #43 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party London Municipal Politics: Making Downtown Pedestrian Business? Or Government? BIAs (Business Improvement Areas) are NOT 'Business Associations' Official Bilingualism: The Criminalization of Language - Part 1 Conservatives: John Tory No Tory It's The Economy, Stupid!
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; The Economy; Business; Bilingualism; Philosophy
Downloads: 26
[audio]Just Right #48 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Marc Emery - At Canada's Mercy Earth Hour - Were You One Of The Bad People? Enterprise In Space - The Next Generation Physics To Metaphysics - Part 1: Finite, or Infinite?
Keywords: Freedom; politics; Philosophy; Capitalism; Marc Emery; Earth Hour
Downloads: 15
[audio]Just Right #90 - Robert Metz
Shovel Ready Economics - Digging Our Way Into Debt Labouring Under Missed Conceptions - The Three Causes Of Unemployment Belabouring A Point: The Global Market Is The Only Market Economic Food For Thought
Keywords: Economics; Unemployment; Globalism; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 5
[audio]Just Right #114 - Robert Metz
The Pope Vs Capitalism: Two Encyclicals - Caritas In Veritate (2009), Populorum Progressio (1967) Obama Vs Capitalism The Public Vs Capitalism Church And State - Together Again Religion Vs Morality The Morality Of Capitalism
Keywords: Capitalism; Religion; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 16
[audio]Just Right #65 - Robert Metz
Speaking Of Eco Disasters..., Carbon Quacks - An Idiot's Guide To Carbon Footprints, Lawrence Solomon And The Petroleum Club, Drive Thru Ban: A Done Deal? - Or A Deal Done?
Keywords: Freedom; Ecology; Lawrence Solomon; Drive Thru
Downloads: 7
[audio]Just Right #12 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Gas Prices: Why Iran Rations Gas Election Reform: One Ballot, Two Choices? Government Doing Good TV Technologies
Keywords: Gas Prices; Election Reform; Government; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 44
[audio]Just Right #116 - Robert Metz
GUEST: Andy Janson, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Science & Technology Futurist Power To The People - Making Individuals Energy Independent Smart Meters Are A Stupid Idea Hydrogen Cars Of The Future Are Here Today Alternative Funding For Alternative Energies Artificial Intelligence And New Inventions
Keywords: Energy; Freedom; Environment; Politics
Downloads: 11
[audio]Just Right #83 - Robert Metz
Humbling Harper? Bah! Humblebug! The Welfare State - Caring vs Principle Movie To Watch - Other People's Money The BLOChead Coalition The Fallacy Of Coalitions - An Anatomy Of Compromise
Keywords: Welfare; Canada; Money; Freedom; Party
Downloads: 5
[audio]Just Right #5 - Robert Metz
London City Hall Supports Racist Policies London Free Press Not On Strike Pollution vs Global Warming GUEST: Tom Harris, Natural Resources Stewardship Project: GLOBAL WARMING MYTHS Note: -guest voice did not record on archive file, though on-air broadcast was OK
Keywords: Global Warming Myths; politics; freedom; capitalism
Downloads: 20
[audio]Just Right #15 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics GUEST: Paul Lambert: Back From Our Future? Sweden: The Socialist Paradise
Keywords: Politics; Socialism; Freedom
Downloads: 20
[audio]Just Right #57 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party SPECIAL: Eco-Fascism 3 Us vs Them: Science By Consensus The Convenience Of Inconvenience Conservatives: Always On The Defensive Patterns Of Force - Fascism's Forms
Keywords: Freedom; Fascism; Conservatives; Eco-Fascism; Capitalism
Downloads: 27
[audio]Just Right #25 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party GUEST: Steve Holmes, NDP Candidate For London-North-Centre, Ontario Election 2007
Keywords: Politics; Freedom; Philosophy; Capitalism; Socialism
Downloads: 9
[audio]Just Right #10 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Police State Fascism: From Idling By-laws to No-Fly Lists Risk And Freedom Ontario Election: Promises, Promises. They're yours to keep School Board Creative Accounting War: What Is It Good For? Guest: Anthony Verberckmoes, indymedia-independent News
Keywords: Fascism; Freedom
Downloads: 32
[audio]Just Right #2 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics GAZETTE Spoof - Follow-up Sexism In Politics Gas Price Gouging Are You A Slave? - The Fraser Institute's Report On Taxes Taxes: Consumption Taxes vs Production/Property Taxes
Keywords: Sexism; politics; taxes; capitalism; freedom
Downloads: 13
[audio]Just Right #34 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Truth Is In The Philosophy Department Taser Gun Follow-up Car Safety Fascism: Distrubing Statistics On Air Bags Christianity Attacked! - By The Pope Science And Technology: Robotics The Problem With Being Innocent
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Capitalism; Philosophy; Tasers
Downloads: 15
[audio]Just Right #68 - Robert Metz
WATER WARS - Part 1: Nanny State Versus Capitalism London Ontario's Bottled Water Ban: Lies And Misinformation Water Is A Chemical: The Science And Chemistry Of Water Why Bottled Water Is Safer Than Tap Water
Keywords: Conservation; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 14
[audio]Just Right #60 - Robert Metz
GUEST: John Thompson, the Mackenzie Institute, Explaining Terrorism - Again, The Sun Says NO To Global Warming, Climate Change History, Food Shortages And Crop Failures
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Global Warming; Climate Change; Terrorism
Downloads: 9
[audio]Just Right #56 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party SPECIAL: Eco-Fascism 2 The TOTALitarian Picture of Fascism/Socialism American Fascism - A Brief History So Who's Scared? Environmentalist Fear Tactics Fear of Chemicals - John Stossel David Suzuki - No Matter How Bad... Al Gore - "That's Not Funny" Ecotheology: Religion, Yes; Science, No Global Warming Believers vs Skeptics
Keywords: Freedom; Global Warming; Al Gore; Eco-Fascism
Downloads: 42
[audio]Just Right #14 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics City Hall Torture Garbage Collection Garbage Global Warming: Carbon Conundrum - Elizabeth May / Tom Harris / Paul Berton Michael Moore And SICKO: NOT About Health Care Marijuana, Canadians, And the Law - A History
Keywords: Marijuana; Global Warming; Michael Moore; Garbage; Capitalism
Downloads: 23
[audio]Just Right #52 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party GUESTS: Jim Chapman and Jeff Schlemmer Left, Right & Center: a Reunion
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Philosophy; Capitalism
Downloads: 36
[audio]Just Right #117 - Robert Metz
Deja Vu All Over Again - A Potpourri Of Resurrected Issues Of The Distant And Recent Past GUEST: Gordon Mood, L.A. Mood Comics And Games Archie Comics - 600th Issue Features Proposal To Veronica Christine Williams, Stuart Parker, Robert Metz - Viewpoints On Releasing The Lockerbie Bomber Compassion And Mercy Versus Justice GUEST: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party Of Ontario No Tax For Pan Am II - An Unwanted Legacy The Prince Of Pot: Marc Emery's Farewell Tour
Keywords: Freedom; Comics; Politics; Philosophy; Pan Am
Downloads: 11
[audio]Just Right #85 - Robert Metz
The Closed Liberal Mind: Why Liberals Avoid Debate And Ideas John Stossel And Me - Personal Experiences With The Media On The Left Black And White Views - The Complexity Of Simplicity The Joke's Still On Us! - A Year-End Smile For Hard Times
Keywords: Liberal; Politics; Freedom
Downloads: 9
[audio]Just Right #86 - Robert Metz
Pragmatism Illustrated: The Madoff Scandal and Pyramid Schemes The Complexity Of Hate: Gaza Under Attack - Israel Under Attack - Who's Attacking Who? Sid Ryan and CUPE: From Boycott To Boycott - A Continuous Policy of Prejudice Bailouts! Are We Spending Our Way Into Prosperity - Or Poverty?
Keywords: Pragmatism; Poverty; Madoff; Gaza; Bailout; Politics; Freedom
Downloads: 2
[audio]Just Right #110 - Robert Metz
Not An Idle Issue - Just Idle Politicians Struggle Against Reality - And The Facts London City Council - Debating London's Idling By-law Deconstructing The Debate
Keywords: Idling; Reality; Freedom; Politics'Environment
Downloads: 6
[audio]Just Right #36 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Get Real! Be Wary Of Putin, Warns Kasparov Just Wrong? Or Just Depressed? Why Do They Hate Shopping? Karen Selick's Open Letter To Canada's Minister Of Justice On Marc Emery's Pending Extradition Global Warming: Is The Hot Air Cooling, Or Is It Still Rising?
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Global Warming; Marc Emery; Philosophy; Capitalsim
Downloads: 12
[audio]Just Right #49 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Physics To Metaphysics - Part 2: A Philosophical Look At Space-Time Bad Al Gore: Taking The 'Moral' Lowground CO2 - The Invisible Problem: People Are Carbon Copies Environmentalists: Longing For A Past That Never Existed Lying Politicians: From Global Warming To Second-hand Smoke
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Environment; Politicians; Global Warming
Downloads: 19
[audio]Just Right #102 - Robert Metz
SPECIAL: Drug Prohibition - A War Against Reality And Reason Bad Laws: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing For Drug Offences Bad Drugs Or Bad Habits? - Coren Vs Metz - And A Panel Discussion Drug Prohibition: Good Or Bad? The Economist Won't Say - But They're Against It Left And Right: Disagreement Within The Cannabis Culture Drug Use: Escape From Reality? Or Escape From Unreality?
Keywords: Drugs; Law; Prohibition; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 21
[audio]Just Right #109 - Robert Metz
Health Care Fascism Meets Green Fascism - Idling By-laws Are A Fraud Idling By-laws Are Propaganda - Paid For By Health Care Tax Dollars! Shiver And Sweat - Why Politicians Want You To Be Uncomfortable And Inconvenienced Bad Laws Are Caused By Bad Politicians
Keywords: Healthcare; Fascism; Environment; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 7
[audio]Just Right #9 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Still Lost on LOST? Lost Theory - Lost: The Board Game Unions And Manufacturing I Told You So - Gazette Spoof Follow-up Global Warming: How The Carbon Market Works Michael Moore is SICKO! More On Health Care and Altruism
Keywords: Michael Moore; Unions; Lost; Global Warming
Downloads: 8
[audio]Just Right #76 - Robert Metz
Canadian Federal Election: So Who Won? Guilt-Free Voting vs Guilt-Free Non-Voting The Economic Meltdown - All Better Now? Sex Show Reactions Pan-Am Logic
Keywords: Canada; Economy; Voting; Sex
Downloads: 1
[audio]Just Right #41 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Love: Its History And Philosophy Hate: Human Rights Commissions: Faisal Joseph vs Macleans Magazine - pt 2 Municipal Politics and The Endarkenment: No Bright Ideas From Mayor's 'Sustainable Energy Council' We get Mail: Paul, on Virtue and Religion
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Religion; Love; Philosophy
Downloads: 9
[audio]Just Right #23 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Faith Funding Education Creationism Remedial Religion (Humour)
Keywords: Religion; Creationism; Politics; Freedom
Downloads: 34
[audio]Just Right #46 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party The Heat Is On -- Despite The Cold -- On Global Warming War Protesters Have No Answers - Five Years In Iraq & Afghanistan Canada Is Cheap Labour - Unions - Free Trade - Syd Ryan Toryish Tory Landlord Licensing As An Abuse Of Privilege
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Global Warming; Unions; Free Trade
Downloads: 16
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